Racism and the 21st century

It’s so sad that the world we live in racism still exists. I’ve just witnessed a video of two youths on a tram in Manchester today hurling abuse at a middle aged man stating that he is ‘nothing but an immigrant’ who should ‘go back to his own country’ the man calmly stated that he had lived here all his life which is well before the young individuals were born. This however did not stop them on their campaign of hate where they began to throw bottles of beer at him. The thing that saddens me the most is the 30 or so bystanders said nothing. They simply stud and filmed where one individual was being victimised. How are we supposed to promote equality and peace when individuals will happily stand by and film others being physically and verbally abused? It saddens me that in the future my children will have to grow up surrounded by hate. I want better for the people of the future and better for the people of now. We are all human. Love and respect costs nothing.