Blogging; Day 3. 

My friend violet was my inspiration to begin blogging. She understood I was going through a hard time and told me it was a good way to release my emotions and feelings. I am so glad she introduced me to this little world. Away from people I know who would judge me for every word I say. 

The feedback from you guys is massively appreciated. I feel I have found a perfect place to express myself freely. After 3 days I have 10 followers, it may not sound like a lot but 10 people are interested in my life. My stories. 

This is a blog dedicated to amazing friends. Specifically for me Violet. When you meet someone who does nothing but help you and expect nothing in return keep them. DON’T take advantage of them. I love her so much and value her friendship. The picture attached is some of her photography work as she is extremely talented. 

Thank you for welcoming me into the blogging world. You guys are incredible and I enjoy reading about your lives. 


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