Hospital visits 

I’m off to visit my uncle today. I’m scared. I don’t know how he’ll be or whether he’ll be in pain. He’s so forgetful now what if he’s forgot me? I need to remind him to fight. That we are all here for him. I know he can do this he needs to get better we need him. I’ll spend the entire day with him if that’s what he wants/needs. Supporting my nan is so incredibly hard when she keeps on breaking down but I will be there. I will make sure she knows that we are all here. Why is life so fucking cruel?! Never take your family for granted. Never. 


One thought on “Hospital visits 

  1. I know how this feels, so I completely understand how you feel, I’ve spent weeks at times at the hospital trying to do my best to at aiding with whatever it is that I can when members of my family have been ill.
    Stay strong.

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